Who are RoberTec?

RoberTec Limited is supported and backed by the internationally renowned Keenon Robotics Company. This partnership is now helping us to forge a reputation in the UK marketplace for providing superior innovative robotic solutions and excellent service to businesses in the private and public sectors along with institutions with their worldwide knowledge and expertise.

RoberTec Service Limited is a division of RoberTec Limited and it provides end-to-end service planning, move management, further robot procurement and servicing along with off-site storage services to businesses of all kinds. By helping clients to plan and organise their robotic needs they can continue to focus attention on their own critical activities with as little interruption as possible.

For over ten years Keenon Robotics Company has specialised in the research, development production and sales of various types of class-leading intelligent automated robots.  With sales in over 50 counties and a class-leading reputation. Now, for the first time in the UK marketplace, RoberTec has the sole rights of sale and distribution across England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A considered approach to design and innovation whether for the modern workplace, exclusive residence, luxury hotel or cruise ships – is to provide automated robotics of the highest quality materials, that best accommodate the specific function for which they are meant to be used.

Our focus is on fully autonomous unmanned delivery, guided tour and medical disinfecting cleaning robots. Products are mainly used indoors for unmanned distribution around hospitals, schools, shopping centres, office buildings, warehouses and other public access areas that need delivery, guided tours or sterilisation machines

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Is the main company and deals with all the first contact sales, Robot demonstration displays, general day to day running of the business along with any other consultancy that the client may require. The company provides solutions from sales enquiries through to the installation of each robot and mapping service that is needed along with all tailor-made orders by the client.

  • On-site consultations/Sales
  • Project coordination & management
  • Project survey & analysis
  • Project robot mapping
  • Space planning
  • Software design concepts/updates for specific client needs (price on an individual basis dependent on requirements)
  • Purchasing, delivery & installation.

RoberTec Service

Is a division company dealing with all the ‘Day two’ client servicing after the robots have been delivered, mapped and installed. Once the ‘handover’ has been given from RoberTec to RoberTec Services, RoberTec Services will work with the client for the lifespan of the machine/s.

  • Any further ongoing work after installation as detailed in the RoberTec list
  • All further updating or Robot Mapping
  • A full 24/7 customer support for the life of the machine or warranty period (whichever the sooner)
  • The 3-year warranty contract
  • All Client website portal management and updates
  • All client buy back options.

Keenon Robotics – Global leader in Intelligent Unmanned Delivery


With commercial service robots as its core business, Shanghai Keenon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading operation service provider of innovative smart solutions for catering, medical service, business, hotel, entertainment, and the like. The companies headquarter is located in Shanghai.

With stable, efficient and practical commercial service robots as the core business, Keenon has core competencies in robot autonomous positioning, navigation system and core sensor technology. Keenon Robot has been pioneering a commercial indoor positioning and navigation system, as well as an intelligent distributed scheduling system that satisfies customer needs and market demand.

Keenon has developed various commercial service robots, served in more than 500 cities in China, and exported products to the United States, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and other overseas countries and regions.

One of the leading providers of robotics for twelve years

Founded in 2010, Keenon is a pioneer and leader in the industry of indoor intelligent unmanned distribution robots, given the advanced R&D technology and a great number of landing cases.

Keenon is also the number one food delivery robot company in the world.

Commitment to using Al to improve everyone’s daily life

All the Keenon products have been successfully introduced and are widely used across the world by leading enterprises in restaurants, hospitals, and hotels alike.

National safety standards leader in robotics

Keenon Intelligence is a company that is responsible for formulating the safety standard of service robots in China. It has formulated the following two standards in the industry:

‘Service Robot Mechanical Safety Standard’ and ‘Service Robot Electrical Safety Standard’ have passed authoritative certifications of CR, CE, KC, etc. And now the new United Kingdom UKCA certification. Keenon is also one of the first partners of UL on ‘Service robot certification’ and standards.